Patricia Sandonis

A partition of the sensible


A break with what until then was perceived as "the natural order" to reconfigure the sensitive frames of society, where common objects are defined, is what Ranciére calls politics.
This rupture must not only break with the order of legitimization of the distribution of the visible and the invisible, but with the logic of this order.

A fence materializes some natural orders whose rupture has been claimed for some time: The creation of borders that denies the entering with the excuse of protection, non-transparency in the information and the definition of the place where a moment of change and speculation happens.
This installation based on the A Partition of the sensible, also called the distribution of the common by Ranciére, proposes a necessary aesthetic experience to provoke a break with the natural orders that the fence itself represents.
This is claimed by the deconstruction of a fence that, when taken from its function, passes from being an object to be a material.

Acrylic, lacquer and cable ties on fence panel; lacquer on fence feet; posters and tape on fence; stickers, lacquer and cable ties on metal pipes.
Superbien Gewächshaus, Berlin, 2020