Patricia Sandonis

The line fall


The space that separates us is a series of four artistic installations that propose a sensible way of thinking space and question the definition of public space in times of change such as remodeling processes, when the public space is closed.
It shows us a collection of found lines, an appropriation of them in an attempt to preserve through art this conglomerate of aesthetic features found in public spaces under construction.

The fence as a physical delimitation of a border becomes the three-dimensional representation of an imaginary line marked on a map. In the urban context fences delimit public space for a limited time.
The line fall literally represents a fall of a line of fences. This scene is inspired by a street in Leipzig in which the closure of a store lead to the placement of fences and the abandonment of them gave way to them eventually becoming urban ruins. The ephemeral quality and deterioration of abandoned objects in public spaces that in their moment of glory shone with their novelty go into a state of decadence.
The old age of the object shows us the nostalgia of what we imagine it to be in other times.

The line fall
Fences, lacquer, acrylic and ink on canvas.
3000 x 2000 x 12000 cm, 2021