Retrieving, processing, tracking, and tracing data, including their instant translation into images, has evolved into standard actions performed with any available data aimed at transforming, modifying, and adjusting data for visualized results.
Treated as fragments, aspects, parameters, and details of complex actions and behaviors, data is isolated, reduced, idealized, and presented for further investigation.
Tyyne Claudia Pollmanns results show a smooth and direct translatability and underscores the act of translation through tracing in tracelation.
Leave a trace, the permanent installation since 2013, at the brain reserach center CCO Charite University of Medicine Berlin, tracelates raw data into images while sending the trajectories back to their originators.
The images from these interactions form the core of this publication.
Tyyne Claudia Pollman, author and curator of tracelation, is a conceptual artist and professor of anatomy and morphology.
Additonal essays and texts by Miya Yoshida, Warren Neidich, Ralf Reulke, Wolfram Liebermeister, Alan N. Shapiro, and others are included.

Tracelation, 238 S. farbig
ISBN: 978-3-943620-61-0