Barbara Wille

Nischen Modelle


1. Preis im Wettbewerb Kunst am Bau Campus Uni Trier, Neubau Biogeographie und Ökotoxikologie.

Located on the modernist university campus in Trier, the public art project is a copy-paste re-edition of the adjacent 1970s piece of landscape design. The existing gardenesque ensemble consists of a meandering granite seat, coloured ground inlays, a grass mound with rocks, pine trees and spherical lamps. By quoting this garden, the new project aims at revalidating the qualities of the overall campus. Following a dedicated, processual development, the campus takes its spatial quality from a background in the landscape and architecture icon of the 1972 Olympia stadium and park in Munich. Built in all white concrete, the new ensemble underlines the model character of the campus space.

in cooperation with Thilo Folkerts