A Guide to Berlin


Die Arbeit besteht aus mehrere Elemente, Tüllstoff, Baumaterial.

The Installation “ A Guide to Berlin” is named after a short story by Vladimir Nabokov, written in 1925 in Berlin. Black and white images of a modern city: trams, graffiti, street signs - are all sewn from transparent layers of tulle fabric. Much like episodes in a film, we “edit” them differently for each space, composing various versions of our own film noir. The project is a visual narrative based on the impressions of the urban landscape, triggered by the process of investigation and memory. Vladimir Nabokov with his blurred sense of time, layers of memory, attention to details, and at the same time interest in an overall structure has always been a great inspiration to us. The project was shown in Athens, in Strasbourg and in Wolfsburg. We were particularly happy to be able to show this work in Nabokov's birth house in St. Petersburg.