100 Stadt-Vögel, Acrystal, Edelstahl, Beton.

We have long been interested in city birds. Sparrows, Crows and Pigeons are part of the urban landscape in all large cities. A scientific study has shown that city birds are extremely intelligent; they disappear from destroyed or abandoned cities and feel at home in places where human activity thrives. 100 birds were developed for the skate park, which was build out of recycled granite blocks from the demolished Palace of the Republic - a symbolic and controversial building in East Berlin. The public art project “Birds” was on view for six months, allowing us to observe natural changes of the landscape, as well as follow the reactions of the park visitors. The skate park is a cool place where young skaters get together to practice their stunts. Their movements remind us of the flying birds. Historical, social and geographical aspects of the site have inspired us to realize this project.