Virginie Mossé

2 temps 3 mouvements, 2015


200x150x2 cm Silkscreen on canvas.

The canvas surface is the original place to question the systems of representation.

This work is at first glance a traditional optical all-over surface (like www). However, the incursion below of the quote of SPINOZA from the Ethic, “Verum index sui et falsi” is redirecting towards the notions of truth and artifice in the history of representation, questioning as the same the flat American surface.

- Temps 1 : the painting ground, the grid.
- Temps 2 : the form, the text : Verum index sui et falsi : die Wahreit als Prüfstein gegen sich selbst und gegen die Unwahrheit (in: Spinoza, Ethik) : truth is a touchstone both of the truth itself and of falsehood.

The text is used to make an incision in the flat modern surface.

- Mouvement 1 : the time of the representation, on the traditional space envisaged for this purpose, the painter canvas. The illusional surface. ( Ref. "le chef d'oeuvre inconnu" of maitre Frenhofer by Balzac).

- Mouvement 2 : but in this place, a grid composed of real lines, representing or presenting really what they are. (concrete absraction).

- Mouvement 3 : the optical effect. The third movement rejects the viewer outside the work (chamanical transe), towards the concept, in this case the exhibition context in which this work is presented....