Virginie Mossé

Surface Crisis, (Nothing is silence not even the dead 1)


468 x 250 x 4 cm.

4 parts-work4, from left :

-oval green frame, 22x16x3 cm fine art print, wood, lacquer: “nothing is silence not even the deads”, 2017

-two canvases 195x195x2 cm, silkscreen on linen : www (Struktur der Wirklichkeit- wohin/woher/warum), 2014 // Surface Crisis 2- El Asnam (roman labyrinth mosaic in Algier), -324, 2017.

- two hollograms cards in open frames. 25X35x4 cm …. lenticular prints- Wackelbilder. : Hologramm left: beyond the reign of modernism. (Chaman +Malevitch), 2017 // Hologramm right: les chercheurs d‘ absolu or the well known story of… (egg and chicken), 2017