The installation Soap brings together a wide range of theoretical references with everyday objects such as those found in bathroom interiors, selected footages from action movies (Kneeling Woman, Interior Balconies, Torso, Breaking Habits ), and scores from music graphic notations ( Thyrsus for the Railway Forest).
The intention was to visually interrupt the closed movement of repetition found in these forms, with the idea of sound as a positive agent; something that is moving, carrying and escaping. In this process, repeated references were made to the bathroom environment - with its circular enclosed fittings and functionalities, and as a stage for repeated daily actions.

mixed media, installation view

Kneeling Woman, 2015, (detail) aluminum, LED screen, 200 x 165 x 185 cm

Thyrsus For The Railway Forest, 2015, pine cone, iron fence, transport trolley, 165 x 350 x 70 cm