Stephanie Imbeau

Shifting Security (On Waiting)


Created over the course of four years and formed in response to a transatlantic move and lack of a studio, each piece nestles together to form suitcase-sized units that can be packed away and wait. They are patient and still in their carrier bags until they can be unpacked and stitched together, creating a place for themselves and their viewers, however temporary. And then they nestle back together, to wait some more.

This project is also a continuation of my series of "Wall Villages" inspired by cliff dwellings and the Adobe villages of the American Southwest created by folding
and sewing cardboard boxes to create geometric yet organic shapes that nestle and stack together. The individual pieces are then joined together to create an
abstracted reference to a village.

Cardboard, Sisal Twine, Specially-altered Luggage Bags
dimensions vary

Tower of Patience