KiöR Künstler*innen

Azar Pajuhandé

Grafik / Zeichnung, Installation / Objektkunst, Keramik, Malerei, Relief

* 1982 in Tehran
Bildung:B.A. Industrie Design Teheran Unversity of Arts/ M.A. und Meisterschüllerin Bildende Künste KH Kassel
Gruppen: DAAS , DAAS



My art practice has always been an oscillation between my own story and the impact of social phenomena around me.
However, the underlying current of my artistic practice always emanates from a question of what constitutes identity.
My work is influenced by comparative studies of Iranian and Western culture and philosophy. Exploring my identity in the diaspora, I investigate a lot in art history and craftsmanship.
s question ranges from the psychological examination of my own personality, to the identity of bodies or symbols as such.
My practice consists mostly of Installations, drawings and site-specific works.


Azar Pajuhandé ist bildende Künstlerin. Sie arbeitet mit der Zeichnung, Wandarbeiten sowie Installationen aus diverse Materialien und Keramik. Ihre Themen werden im Form von einzelnen Projekte - teilweise Raumbezogen - gemacht. Ihre Themen sind v.a. Identität und selbstwahrnehmung im Bezug auf Soziale Normen und Traditionen.

Azar Pajuhandé, born 1982 in Tehran, Iran; lives and works in Berlin. 
After her B.A. in Industrial Design at the Tehran University of Arts, she started her studies in fine arts at the Art Academy Kassel, which she completed with an awarded M.A in 2015, followed by a Meisterschüllerin Degree under Dr. Johanna Schaffer and Björn Melhus. 
In addition to numerous group exhibitions, she has participated in the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Isfahan, Iran, and had solo exhibitions at Art-Lab Berlin, Tankstation Kulturell Vulpunt, Enschede, the Netherlands; and at Sonntag Project Berlin. She has received several grants from Germany, such as the Berlin Senate of culture and arts and the Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn. She has completed artist residencies in Switzerland and the Netherlands.