Cecile Belmont

Stoffe /Kleidung


Textil design / Screen-printed clothes

My clothes are unique hand screen-printed pieces, produced in individual limited editions. The cuts are timeless and simple, including one shirt, one dress and two skirts. They serve as an empty canvas that changes with the prints of each series. The images – of birds taking flight, rays of light, representations of moods, words, allegories of adventures – inscribe themselves into our daily lives.

My clothes exist when they are worn. Their scope of action is measured through the scale of the body. They occupy the space discretely. They are made for those days when we enjoy displaying our individuality, when we enjoy stepping onto the stage. It is beautiful to be attached to the clothes we wear These clothes settle in the folds of our daily lives. They accompany us, like a calm and
confident hand on our shoulder.

See: www.cecilebelmont.com/clothes