Nándor Angstenberger

Error Code


Ausstellung "Error Code" mit Marcell Naubert, Deiglan Galerie, Akureyri, Island

Error Code

One of the basis of human beings is making mistakes, because out of mistakes we learn essential techniques of mastering daily life and for our whole lifespan in general.
But as we know life is sometimes complicated, mankind has a comfortable side, even shows some signs of laziness, that is why we invented machines for helping us.

A computer is as good as a programmer who created the computer software, and to quote my brother who is a programmer: “a computer never makes mistakes, only humans are making mistakes”. Again a lesson learned. Even more, evolution aside, it makes us helpless when suddenly a System Error Code shows up on the screen and no uncontrollable hacking on the keyboard seems to solve the problem. But how lucky we are, we have Google. Equipped with the wisdom of a god and faster than the speed of light. But how far has it come? Is it a failing of our technology or a failing of our mankind?

The exhibition “Error Code” at the Deiglan Gallery in Akureyri, Iceland, a first time collaboration with Marcell Naubert shows another side of this development, experiencing and making mistakes are a necessity to human beings, beauty and sensitivity lies in it and should be appreciated regardless the direction mankind is heading right now, to irrelevant perfection.

Installation "Genus Terra" und Ausstellung "Error Code", 2021

Ausstellung Error Code, 2021

Genus Terra, 2021