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Paula A. Vidal

Architektur, Installation / Objektkunst

Bildung:Kunstlerin & Architektin
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Paula Vidal, an academic trained architect, is an artist who works with space as a canvas. Her large-format installations are on-site interventions that seek to launch questions that visitors must answer through their bodies, thus questioning their perception of physical and mental territories.

Paula Vidal (1986 Spanish/Chilean) studied architecture at the U. S.P.CEU and Art History at the U. Autónoma, Madrid. She has participated in the Venice Architecture Biennale with two projects. Videotalentos Prize of the Santander Foundation, Honourable Mention at the Europan 12 Assen-Holland.

Her work has been exhibited at the Yofi Fest Film Festival (New York), Centro Conde Duque (Madrid), Festival Kuze Fest (Santiago de Chile), Colegio de Arquitectos (Madrid), Chilean Conexión II, III, IV,V (Berlin) Kastanien Projektraum (Berlin) GlogauAIR, and Salzburg. As an architect she has worked in Chile, Sierra Leone, Madrid and Berlin, where she currently resides.

The topics that concern Paula Vidal are the political approach of landscape and architecture, as well as the perception of Space through the experimentation of the body, inquiring about the hierarchies we make through human values projections such as ecology, the productive landscape, the waste landscape in the physical space.

Paula Vidal works with pneumatic structures they allow her to generate changing spaces, which are always different and, sensitive to the presence of the spectator. Spaces that are more democratic because they involve multiple sources of authorship. Together, they generate a new reality that is not only spatial, but also emotional, because architecture has that power: the power to modify people’s mood and state of mind.

Vidal tries to avoid artistic practices that seek to represent exclusively the individual perspective of the artist. Instead what interests her as an artist is to create situations in to which perspectives can shift, reflections made, and ultimately visitors gain a deeper understanding of social dynamics. In some of her works, through spatiality, Paula VidaI launchs questions that others answer via the body.