KiöR Künstler*innen

Marlena Kudlicka

Installation / Objektkunst, Skulptur, Architektur, Design



The work of Kudlicka follows the tradition of constructivist art. Her sculptures, born in the mechanics of language, are deeply connected with the construction process. In fact, it is the whole process of the development of shape that captivates the artist’s interest. She explores the intrinsic relationship between error and its derivatives (uncertainty, doubt...) and determines how present they are in the sculpture that is to be made. For the series unprotected 0, she then created what she calls “recipes”. These recipes work as an index of what the sculpture is – much more than mere shape, it is the result of a causality of all the ingredients that it entails. All the knowledge, the doubt, the hesitation, the precision and the errors that are involved in the process of creating a work, (% of errors, % of uncertainty, % of doubt, % angles, % of shapes...). Any measurement is subject to uncertainty and a measured value is only complete if it is accompanied by a statement of its associated uncertainty.

In the series Elements of Peaceful Engagement Kudlicka continues analyzing various parameters of language structures: protocols, classifications, system of methods, concept of strategy. These instruments of a daily routine implement an idea of a workplace and influence an atmosphere of physical and mental movement in the decision-making process.
Each ingredient of Elements of Peaceful Engagement contains: percent of errors*, percent of uncertainty of measurement, percent of doubt, percent angles, percent shapes, percent double, percent option, and percent discrete.

The words discrete, double, and option are connected to the intrinsic behavior and tone of communication; they relate to hidden protocols and play important role in the decision-making process by orienting the scope of possibilities. The word Discrete is particular, it initiates an arrangement to communicate on subtle levels where words are not always needed and where the unspoken contract creates somehow intimate relationship. These attributes influence communication in a workspace environment. However one of most intriguing aspects is a non-strategic approach based on ones own experience in a process of informal, intuitive, verbal, two-way communications. It is a process of sensing the entire organizational methods and relevant situations. In such process of communicating, the intellectual methods are going hand-in-hand with techniques that are based on feeling appropriate-ness; this assists to build a new system: strategy as learning.

Friedrich Meschede writes that “Focusing on the title reveals a crucial core of Marlena Kudlicka’s work. She refers to concrete poetry, a term that can be ascribed to both literature and the ne arts, which transforms the owing transitions between the medium of language, its visualization using letters as a pictorial form, and sounds as concepts of rhythm into a complex system. The rigid guidelines of grammar turn into a new order through a playful disregard of grammatical regular- ity. The combinatorics of opposites, and elements that would not initially be thought of as going together, is the technique of collage used for concrete poetry. The vocabulary of construction creates the surprise.”


Marlena Kudlicka lives and works in Berlin.

Her works have been exhibited in museums such as /selected/ MACBA Buenos Aires, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum Poland, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zacheta National Gallery Warsaw, Museum of Art Lodz Poland, Ludwig Múzeum-Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl Germany, CGAC Santiago de Compostela Spain.

Kudlicka work was shown at multiple art fairs /selected/ The Armory Show N.Y 2018 (solo), ArteBa Buenos Aires 2018/2016, ARCO Madrid 2017, Art Basel Miami 2015/2016 (double), viennacontemporary 2016 (solo), Art Lima 2016, abc art berlin contemporary 2015 (solo), Art Brussels (double) 2015, ARCO Madrid 2014 (solo)

Kudlicka has participated in residency programs as 2016 Residencia Al Lado / Revolver Galeria Lima Peru; 2014 Cite Internationale des Arts Paris. Grant and Residency from Berlin Senate; 2008/09 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council NYC ; 2007/08 International Studio & Curatorial Program NYC ; 2003/05 Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart ; 2004/05 Location One NYC ; 2003 Art Omi NY. She has obtained several grants : 2010/2011 A. Mickiewicz Institute PL ; 2007/2008 Narodowe Centrum Kultury PL ; 2004/2005 Trust For Mutual Understanding New York ; 2003/04/05 Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart DE ; 2003 Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation New York; 1997/1998. Award of The Main Head of Academy of Art Poznan Poland

Marlena Kudlicka work is included in various private and institutional collections /selected/:
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea Santiago de Compostela Spain, ARCO Collection Madrid Spain, Museum of Contemporary Art Wroclaw Poland, Museum of Art Lódz Poland