Benoit Maubrey



In the AUDIO PEACOCKS project performers wear electroacoustic instruments shaped into a peacock’s fan-like plumage that is highly directional -- projecting the sound into a space like an oversized radar dish. 
As VIDEO PEACOCK (wearing white plexiglass "skins“) these electroacoustic birds patrol a more limited space and darkened environment.  Their audio costumes double as mobile projection screens: whenever their paths intersect the light of a video projector the costumes metamorphasize into multi-colored screens. Colorful visualizations (movies, pictures, texts, internet blogs, computer-enhanced images and closed circuit camera views) are "beamed“ onto them as they play their sounds. As a multi-phonic installation the parcours of these "cyber-birds“ is choreographed vis-a-vis to the emplacement of the projectors in the architectural space.