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Digital Print, Screen printing, Etching/ Engraving, Lithography, Letterpress printing, Photography, Bookbinding studio, Paper Making


    03.12.2020 | BlueMonday 2020


    Dear friends of the printing workshop, we would like to invite you, as every year, to this year's BlueMonday on December 14th, if it weren't for Corona. There would have been an exhibition opening with current works from all workshops. We would also have taken care of the physical well-being. And music for late-night dancing would not have been missing. Nevertheless we say thank you for your trust

    Corona-Opening hours of the Printing workshop since May 2020

    Druckwerkstatt im Kunstquatier Bethanien

    From 19 May 2020, the Printing workshop will be open again for the artists with restricted opening hours for the time being. Hygiene and spacing rules must be respected. Under the current conditions, the scheduling could be difficult. Former appointments have to be cancelled due to the reduction of the opening hours and of less workplaces, or they have to be requested again.

    Corona-opening hours of the Media workshop since May 2020

    Medienwerkstatt Corona Wiedereröffnung

    The opening times are limited for the time being: Tue, Wed and Fri: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., in the green screen studio also by appointment. All corona rules apply: mouth and nose protection, keeping distance and washing hands. A maximum of 4 people at the same time in total in the whole working space.

    Booking request

    only by phone Tue-Fr (please, see notes in the individual workshops!)

    We recommend long-term scheduling (2-3 months)

    Appointment cancellations

    Appointment cancellations at least 3 (three) working day in advance, via telephone or to our office e-mail: druckwerkstatt@bbk-kulturwerk.de. Not timely canceled appointments will be charged.

    Please use the e-mail addresses for appointment arrangements or general inquiries. Only in urgent cases or in case of short-term cancellations of appointments, the contact persons of the workshop departments should be contacted by telephone, as the colleagues are at work.