Printing workshop 

Etching / Engraving

Classic techniques: drypoint, etching, aquatint and soft ground as well as new techniques in the limits of ​​engraving such as: photoetching, carborundum, additive

Druckwerkstatt Radierung

The etching workshop is a production site for professional artists to realize their own artistic projects. It is assumed that the artists already possess the technical skills of etching. For the project preliminary meeting, please come in person and make an appointment by phone.


  • 6 presses
  • Etching bath up to 100 x 160 cm
  • Copper, zinc, gaze and handmade paper in stock
  • Daily allowance incl. Insurance......8 Euro
  • Assistant's day.......2,50 Euro
  • Per print run........from 0,50 Euro
  • plus costs for consumables such as paper, gauze, metal; etc. (current prices on site)

Corona opening hours

Tues and Wed 10-17

Contact person Etching:
Gloria Alonso
Regina Stiegeler
tel. 030.614015-78