15.03.2024 | In 2025, we will celebrate 50 years of the print workshop at the kulturwerk of the bbk berlin! An appeal!

Druckwerkstatt im Kunstquatier Bethanien

Dear friends and colleagues of the Druckwerkstatt,

In 2025, the print workshop at the bbk berlin's kulturwerk will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. It has been a vibrant place of artistic productio for half a century.

To celebrate this special anniversary, a documentary film and the edition of a book will be produced to capture the history and influence of the print workshop over the years.

To this end, we are collecting film and photo footage, magazines, newspaper articles and other forms of memories that document the last 50 years of the print workshop. Personal stories, visual documents and artistic contributions are invaluable in showing the depth of the Druckwerkstatt's impact.

We are looking for materials that may include the following:

  • Film and photographic footage of the workshop, events and artwork
  • Magazines and newspaper articles about the print workshop or associated artists and exhibitions
  • Personal memories and stories that capture the atmosphere, the people and the creativity in the printing workshop

The material sent to us will be carefully selected to produce the documentary film and the design of the anniversary book in order to paint a multi-faceted picture of our shared history. Original material will be returned to you on request.

How you can take part:

  • Material can be sent to the following e-mail address:
    50Jahredrw (at) bbk-kulturwerk (dot) dee
  • Alternatively, material can also be handed in personally at the printing workshop or sent to us by mail. Please mark it so that we can return it as required/requested.

We look forward to your unique contributions and to celebrating the history of the print workshop at the kulturwerk des bbk berlin together. Every piece, every recording and every story contributes to completing the rich mosaic of our shared past.

Please send your contributions by 1st of July 2024. For questions and further information, please contact us at 50Jahredrw (at) bbk-kulturwerk (dot) de

Thank you and best regards,

The team of Druckwerkstatt im kulturwerk des bbk berlin