Sculpture workshop


    07.07.2022 | Ceramic workshop is fully booked in 2022

    Bildhauerwerkstatt _ Keramik

    The Ceramic workshop is fully booked until the end of 2022. From 30.11.2022 we accept requests for the 1st half of the year 2023 by mail, including the size of the project and duration. External firings are possible on a limited basis. Confirmations of bookings will be made only via mail! Without written confirmation, the space or furnace is not reserved.

    Booking request

    only by email to the individual workshop areas.
    We recommend long-term scheduling (2-3 months)

    User charges

    Daily prices / weekly prices / commissions

    All user costs include 7% VAT / accident and third party insurance.

    Appointment cancellations

    Appointment cancellations at least 3 (three) working day in advance, via telephone or to our office e-mail: druckwerkstatt@bbk-kulturwerk.de. Not timely canceled appointments will be charged.

    Please use the e-mail addresses for appointment arrangements or general inquiries. Only in urgent cases or in case of short-term cancellations of appointments, the contact persons of the workshop departments should be contacted by telephone, as the colleagues are at work.

    Parking at the sculpture workshop

    Parking at the sculpture workshop is only permitted with a special permit. The special permit is available in the office or from the workshop managers. Parking is only allowed directly at the building.