kulturwerk of the bbk berlin

The kulturwerk of the bbk berlin is a non-profit subsidiary of the berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin (the professional association of visual artists in berlin) whose primary goal is to establish favourable conditions for artistic production.

The services provided by the kulturwerk are available to all professional visual artists in Berlin and enable them to work with unrestricted artistic freedom, independently of the pressures of conformity and commercialisation. 


    30.09.2021 | Survey on the material production infrastructure in Berlin

    The Bündnis Freie Szene Berlin e.V. has commissioned the Centre for Cultural Research to conduct a study. We want to find out how independent cultural workers in Berlin procure and use material, equipment, tools and technology for their work. Your participation in the survey provides important knowledge about the production conditions in independent art and culture in Berlin.

    01.07.2021 | Tax return 2020 - deadline extension for submission to the tax office until 31.10.2021

    For taxpayers who prepare their own tax returns (so-called "non-advised taxpayers"), the final filing deadline is Oct. 31, 2021, which extends the July 31 deadline first stated by 3 months.

    18.06.2021 | The BVG Culture Ticket - a support campaign for Berlin artists

    Licht im Schacht - BVG Kulturticket

    Since 7.6.2021, BVG's "Licht im Schacht" (Light in the Shaft) campaign has been running to raise funds for Berlin artists and creators of art who have experienced economic hardship as a result of the Corona pandemic. Donations can be made by purchasing a Kulturticket, which comes with a surcharge of one euro on the normal Berlin AB one-way ticket. The Kulturticket is available at every BVG ticket

    03.12.2020 | BlueMonday 2020


    Dear friends of the printing workshop, we would like to invite you, as every year, to this year's BlueMonday on December 14th, if it weren't for Corona. There would have been an exhibition opening with current works from all workshops. We would also have taken care of the physical well-being. And music for late-night dancing would not have been missing. Nevertheless we say thank you for your trust

    25.11.2020 | IFSE: German Fine Art Galleries 2020

    Galerienstudie 2020 - IFSE, Hergen Wöbken in Kooperation mit dem BVDG

    Hergen Wöbken vom Institut für Strategieentwicklung (IFSE), Berlin, hat mit dem BVDG zusammen eine Studie zur Situation der Galerien in Deutschland durchgeführt. Im August wurden von uns knapp 500 Galerien für die Galerienstudie 2020 angeschrieben, 3 Wochen lief die online-Befragung, knapp 240 Galerien haben sich relevant an der Studie beteiligt, im Oktober führte Hergen Wöbken zahlreiche


    Res Artis COVID-19 SURVEY I 2020

    Take part in COVID-19 SURVEY 2 by Res Artis Org: MEDIUM-TERM IMPACT ON THE ARTS RESIDENCY SECTOR - Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies is partnering with UCL (University College London) to conduct this survey to assess the true impact of COVID-19 specifically on the arts residencies field. This survey is the second of three planned surveys to assess the effects of the pandemic on this sector.

    Opening hours of the Printing workshop since August 2021

    Druckwerkstatt im Kunstquatier Bethanien

    From August 2, 2021, the Printing workshop will reopen with normal operating hours. Access, as in all other indoor areas, is only possible for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons with appropriate proof. The number of workstations must also remain reduced due to the continued existence of clearance rules. Appointments should therefore be requested without fail. Contact studio managers! We ask