27.06.2023 | kunststadt stadtkunst 70-2023


The Office for Art in Public Space is pleased to announce the publication of the 70th issue of the journal for art in public space kunststadt stadtkunst.

It represents the tenserelationship between art and the public and public space in all its facets, from Berlin and the Berlin districts to Styria and Russia to Indonesia.

This year's issue is opened by our main theme: "Art for Democracy" and the lecture by Eckhard Braun on December 8, 2022 in the Berlin Chamber of Architects. The editorial by Martin Schönfeld deals with the minimum standards for jury work. Katinka Theis reviews the book K-Kulturarbeit by Michael Hirsch, who shows how cultural work increasingly resembles the conditions of conventional wage labor. Henrik Mayer critically evaluates the installation of a sculpture of the namesake in front of the Adenauer Foundation.

The chapter Art and Remembrance deals with the competition finally held for a memorial sign for the composer Siegfried Translateur, the art symposium Köpenick Erinnerung-Gedenken and the new memorial site for the victims of euthanasia in Neinstedt / Sachsen-Anhalt.

In the International chapter, Werner Kraus introduces us to Indonesian art and its history in a well-researched article in the wake of documenta 15. An article by Elisabeth Fiedler on the Open Fields project reports on the rare encounter between art and agriculture. An interview with Dmitry Vilensky shows what the Ukraine war means for Russian dissidents, and Azamat Ismailov deals with the same topic in his report on the cultural house "Rosa" in St. Petersburg. Pia Lanzinger reports on the collective self-assertion of women in the public space of Algeria on the basis of her art project carried out there.

The latest issue of kunststadt stadtkunst concludes with ten detailed competition reports on major and minor competitions for art on buildings and art in urban space in Berlin.

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The journal kunststadt stadtkunst is available free of charge in many public cultural institutions. Outside of Berlin or in justified cases, the magazine can also be obtained from our office:

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