Sculpture workshop 

3D laser scanning system

The 3D laser scanning system enables artists to record complex sculptures and all types and sizes of objects using a flexible handheld device.


Detailed copies, modifications to the surface, distortions or the preparation for serial prodution may be made by further digital processing the acquired data. You may process your work on various formats for 3D modelling on your own PC. The acquired data can also be 3D-printed or cut by other companies.
Scanned-in objects may be shown for video installations or your own website in virtual space in animated 3D format.   


  • 3 computer workplaces
  • Software: Cinema 4D, Blender, Rhino, Geomagic Studio 10 WRAB
  • 3D-Printer Ultimaker Extended 2+
  • 3D-Scanner ZScanner 700
  • 3D-Scansoftware AGISOFT

Manager 3D laser scanning system:
Quirin Bäumler
tel. 030 499114-69