Sculpture workshop 

Stone workshop

The stone workshop is located in the largest hall of the sculpture workshop.

Bildhauerwerkstatt Stein

Eight workplaces are located on 600 sqm at ground level and further places are available on a gallery of 300 sqm. In addition to sculptural stone work, the hall is also suitable for the assembly of very high and spacious wood or metal work.


  • Pneumatic hammers
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Power tools for stone work
  • Acetylene burner
  • Pneumatic angle-grinder (for wet / dry grinding and sawing)
  • Gantry crane (3 tons)
  • Forklift (4 tons)
  • Small pneumatic hammers
  • Compressed air cleaner

Stone Studio manager:
Harald Noack
tel 030 499131-18