Sculpture workshop 

Wood workshop

In the Wood Workshop there are two workstations on the ground level and three in the gallery.

Bildhauerwerkstatt Holz

The workshop has tools and hand machines for working wooden sculptures, installations and sculptures. You may also produce frames, plinths and aids for exhibition purposes.


  • Spindle moulder with tilting spindle (up to an angle of 75 degree)
  • Panel saw (for boards of up to 5,10 m X 2, 10 m)
  • Panel plane (530 mm width, 230 mm height)
  • Circular saw (adjustable to 45 degrees max)
  • Turning lathe (1.00 m length)
  • Belt saw (app 400 mm)
  • Disk-grinder (500 mm diameter)
  • Dressing tool (500 mm width)
  • Chainsaws

Power tools such as cordless screwdrivers, hand-held circular saws, lamello machines, exocentric grinders and a router are available.

Wood Studio manager:
Doris Götz
tel 030 499131-17