The individual workshop areas are each supervised by a workshop manager, who can provide advice on the technical implementation of projects, on material properties and behaviour, and give tips about procuring materials at favourable prices. The workshop is used by around 500 artists every year.

The five workshop managers offer support to artistic work from project planning to execution. The sculpture workshop has seen the creation of large objects, installations, three-dimensional works, and sculptures for art in public space.

New artistic approaches are always emerging and they require new solutions. Whereas 30 years ago the focus was on steel sculpture, today ceramics are fuelling artistic visions. Thus, large and highly complex ceramic works could be realized in the sculpture workshop.

In all our workshops, staff are on hand to support the best artistic and technical way to realize projects. Each one is a challenge and will be worked out in collaboration between the workshop manager and the artist.

Head: Jan Maruhn

tel. 030.49370-17, E-Mail:

Assistance: Friederike Rosch

tel. 030.49370-17, E-Mail:

Plaster, casting, plastic, 3D-scanning: Quirin Bäumler, tel 030 499114-69

Wood workshop: Susanne Zeile, tel 030 499131-17

Ceramic workshop: Susanne Jung, Nicholas Wells, tel. 030- 499131-15

Stone workshop: Harald Noack, tel 030 499131-18

Metal workshop: Nicholas Kashian, tel. 030-499131-16

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