The printing workshop in the kulturwerk of the bbk berlin was established in 1955. As from 1973, using public funds it was expanded in today's Kunstquartier Bethanien and made available to all artists. It is the biggest non-commercial artistic printing workshop worldwide.

It offers every technical possibility for artistic printing techniques. Starting out from traditional screen printing, letterpress and offset, etching and lithography, the offer has been adapted to the latest technical developments. The digital printing workshop is in great demand. There are also workshops for paper production and bookbinding.

The workshop staff assist with all approaches to the art of printing, from classic print-runs to experimental projects and cross-technology projects. They have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in respect to projects that are difficult to realize, experiments, and the combination of different techniques and materials.

Head: Yehudit Yinhar

Your contact for risoprint and letterpress.

tel 030 614015-75 , E-Mail:

Office: Fiona Langer

tel 030 614015-70 , E-Mail:

Digital print / Photography: Jana Schulz, Andreas Haltermann

tel 030 614015-72

Screen printing: Magda Korsinsky

Assistant: Rixxa Wendland, tel 030 614015-77

Etching / Engraving: Gloria Alonso

Assistant: Regina Stiegeler

tel 030 614015-78

Lithography / Cyanotype: Klaus-Peter Vellguth , tel 030 614015-76

Paper making: Gangolf Ulbricht

tel 030 61581-55