Printing workshop 

Digital print

Four computer workplaces are specially dedicated for digital image processing, DTP and small multimedia projects.

Druckwerkstatt Digitalprint


  • 4 computer workplaces (Mac/ LaCie-Monitors), Software: Adobe Suite a.o.
  • 2 computer workplaces “Immacon“ film scanner up to 5 x 6“
  • Scanner A3: film and graphics scanner Epson Expression 12000XL Pro: 2,400 dpi x 4,800 dpi
  • 4 Large format printers, Epson Stylus
  • Prints up to 1.62 m width (light- and water-fast prints)
  • Daily rate incl. insurance...............................10 Euros
  • Lasercutter - for organic materials (no PVC!) For milling and cutting, 120 watts, 50 x 70 cm area
  • Risograph A3 printing machine for small editions, colors black/ red/ blue/ green/ yellow/ light gray

Computer studio manager:
Andreas Haltermann, Paul Langmead, Jana Schulz
tel. 030.614015-72

Booking inquiries:
Mon: 14-16 | Tue-Fri: 11-13 and 14-16 - please call