Printing workshop 

Screen printing

The facilities are sufficient to produce large format screen-prints of sizes up to 100 x 150 cm.

Druckwerkstatt Siebdruck

Stencils may be made by direct drawing, cutting and grid film or digital plotting through the computer department. The facilities also offer the opportunity to experiment with mixed techniques of any kind.


  • 3 Vacuum tables (1 x A0, 2 x A1)
  • 2 workplaces 150 x 300 cm
  • 1 ¼ -automatic press
  • Various screen formats up to 120 x 150 cm in different weave sizes
  • Solvent-free dyes
  • Possibility of printing on canvas and other materials


Daily rate incl. insurance 8,00 Euro
Assistance day 2,50 Euro
Screen rates:    
A2 10,00 Euro
A1 15,00 Euro
A0 20,00 Euro
big 25,00 Euro
Gouache 1l 34,00 Euro
Acryl 42,00 Euro
Paint mixing bucket:    
1l 0,80 Euro
3l 0,90 Euro
Edition/ print runs:    
Graphic up to A1 0,50 Euro
Graphic from A1 1,00 Euro
Poster up to A1 0,30 Euro
Poster from A1 0,50 Euro
other Materials up to A0 5,00 Euro
other Materials from  A0 10,00 Euro
plain paper m² 10,00 Euro
Mounting foil 7,30 Euro
passpartout.white.70 x 100 cm 1,63 Euro
passpartout.light white.70 x 100 cm 1,63 Euro
passpartout.white.100 x 140 cm 3,47 Euro
passpartout.light white.100 x 140 cm 3,47 Euro
Bristolkarton.white.70 x 100 cm.308 gr 1,43 Euro

Corona opening hours

The workshop will be closed from 12/21/2020 until 1/11/2021.

Tues - Thurs 9-17, Fri 10-16

Screen printing workshop manager:
Magda Korsinsky

Assistant: Lars Lenhardt, Rixxa Wendland
Counselor: Michael Schönke
tel. 030.614015-77