seçil yersel

Five Pieces of the Story


“Five Pieces of the Story” is part of a long term archive project with
photos, texts, collected items through serendipity, sounds and video
works by Seçil Yersel. Including this piece, 20 years of collection will
be opened for different narrative constructions. Yersel is currently
working on city memory, where and how it is kept and how the
individual lives the constructed narrative “as if” she or he has built it.
Yersel is in contact with the city of Berlin since 2004.

A photo from Berlin belonging to the archive of Seçil Yersel. What motivates
her photographic practice and approach is; ‘‘cities in becoming’’ with
their urban dynamics and qualities such as in-betweeness,
incompleteness, not having the final word on themselves. In a text
Yersel has written in 2004 “I’m trying to conjure up an account of the
situation, a plan: starting to have walks in the city and witnessing it
unfolding in front of me, revealing itself to and establishing contact
with the wanderer; to keep walking while maintaining the state of
witnessing; creating an interstitial space between the city of origin
and the city of arrival. Will the search for empty spaces emerge in the
oscillation between these two?’’