Monique Thomaes



Brussels 2001 / 2002

The Flemish parliament put this project out to tender in two rounds. The first run being open for anybody to participate. 11 artists were chosen for the final decision. 4 projects made it into the final round. The call for the integration of art into the building was made in the course of the renovation of the Flemish parliament. Seven different areas of the house were subject to the integration of art into the building. Concept
An interactive light sculpture is the underlying idea of this concept, which is aiming for the complete integration of art into architecture. The location for the realization of the project is the double gable of the wall facing Ijzerenkruisstraat. The light sculpture interlinks events inside and outside the parliament. It takes the changing situation of day- and night-time into account. It accentuates the rigid sobriety of the architecture through a rigid rhythm in the change of the light. Yet it also adds a playful quality to the buildings impressive appearance.