Social security: "Bürgergeld"

Self-employed artists whose income is not sufficient to secure the minimum subsistence level can apply for support payments to secure their livelihood and accommodation. In Germany, this social benefit was called Alg II, also known as "Hartz IV". On January 01, 2023, the "Bürgergeld" replaced ALG II. Anyone who is capable of working and in need of assistance is entitled to the Bürgergeld. 


Standard requirements (Regelbedarf)

Standard needs are lump sums of money intended to cover everyday expenses for food and clothing, for example. The standard need for single persons, single parents is 563 euros per month.


Costs of accommodation and heating

The costs of accommodation, for example rent and ancillary costs, are covered in full in the first year (waiting period) and then in an "appropriate" amount. The appropriate gross cold rent is in Berlin e.g. with a household with 1 person with 426 euro. 
Heating costs are generally only recognized in an appropriate amount.

Note: Electricity costs do not belong to the costs of accommodation. These are included in the standard needs.


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