Alyssa De Luccia

Before Dawn


Watercolour, ink on watercolor paper.

"Before Dawn Drawings" 2018-2023 were mostly created before dawn, when the remnants of dreams still linger. A daily drawing practice, similar to a diary, which I started in parallel to my collage practice, but which has since taken on a life of its own.

Strongly influenced by my surroundings (Kreuzberg) and current events, found images and texts as in my collage practice. Created in Berlin, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Jackson Heights, Queens.

The motifs from the two series "Clouds with Eyes Floating Across the February Sky" and "Before Dawn" would, in my opinion, make excellent murals for the facade or interior of a building, cheerful and meaningful.

With a lifetime of experience as a professional artist and more than 30 years of experience in the film industry, with connections to some of the best craftsmen in Berlin and New York, almost any dream can be realized.

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Kotti, Watercolour, ink on watercolor paper.

"Got A Feeling", Ink, watercolor on watercolour paper.

"May's First Moon" Watercolor and ink on Watercolor Paper.