Jeremy Knowles

Dark Sky City


Dark Sky City is an ongoing art and research project which explores the changing margins between light, sound, technology, and ecology. The aim of this investigation is to bring greater awareness to the impacts of artificial light at night upon humans and our environment, and to engage a wider audience with the issue of light pollution in general - a growing concern that demands our immediate attention.

The core outcome of this project is a two-channel video and sound artwork (Sprichst du Licht?), which documents the 1-hour and 18-minute public intervention I performed in Berlin in October 2022. In the video, the camera follows my journey with an unknown sound-making device from Lichtenberg, which lies just outside the public transport ring in Berlin, to the unofficial city centre of Alexanderplatz. This concept is expanded in the form of a group workshop (the Sound Safari) in which participants discover new tools in order to reveal a hidden soundscape within the city. Both outcomes have the same intention - to prompt us to question the passivity of our sensorial experience of the urban environment at night.