Laure Catugier

Architecture is frozen music


"Architecture is frozen music" is a series of videos realized during residencies or stays that took places in different areas in the world, started in 2015 and still in process. This work focuses on isolated architecture elements that belong to modernist and post-modernist constructions.
It consists of a stop-motion video made with photographs from each place, accompanied by a sound either produced by myself or in collaboration with local sound artists.

Concerned areas (2015-2020): Ruhrgebiet (Germany), Japan, Tehran (Iran), Pardubice (Czech republic), St Petersburg (Russia), Poland, Alexandria (Egypt) .

installation views at GAMPA - Galerie mesta Pardubic, Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2019

installation views during the festival Weekend Architektury, Gdynia, Poland, 2020

installation views at solo show "Architecture is frozen music #7", B'sarya For Arts,
Alexandria, Egypt, 2020 (in the framework of the Villa Champollion residency organized by Institut Français