KiöR Künstler*innen

Roberto Uribe-Castro

Installation / Objektkunst, Land Art, Lichtinstallation, Medienkunst, Skulptur

* 1974



Roberto Uribe received the architecture degree from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and his Masters in Fine Arts from the Weißensee School of Arts in Berlin. As a freelance architect he has done research work on Bogotá and the Sabana and he has been an external consultant for the first POT of Bogotá. As a designer he has worked in private residences in Amsterdam and Berlin. From Architecture Uribe-Castro was linked to large scale artistic projects working in research, production and assembly for Doris Salcedo and Mona Hatoum in various projects. The Master of Space Strategies in Berlin marks the beginning of his individual practice as an artist. His interest in the city, architecture and space as historical documents and archaeological sites leads him to take as a starting point either a specific site or an archetypal architectural space, seeking to establish a dialogue between architecture, politics and history through alterations or changes of existing elements. On other occasions Uribe works from urban elements such as billboards in ephemeral installations that question lesser known histories of the chosen site. Roberto has been awarded the Berlin Senate Research Grant, finalist in several public space art competitions in Germany and Ireland, shortlisted for the EU competition Beyond Memorialisation. Uribe is co-founder and member of CC_Berlin NGO that works with communities in the development of projects to improve living conditions and decrease the vulnerability of rural communities in Mexico and Colombia.



2022 Landmark. ArtLink, Ned’s Point Fort, Buncrana.
2021 Perspectiva de pájaro/Vögelperspektive. Quartier am Hafen Q18, Köln
2021 Quarantine Diaries. ArtLink, Fort Dunree, Dunree.
2020 Mein Kiez, mein Atelier. The Grid Cabins, Berlin
2019 Ornament and Delict. Public Space Intervention, Berlin
2019 Untitled. Punta Gallinas, Colombia
2018 Tausendundeine Nacht. VHS- Vilsbiburg
2016 Landmark, Series and Cycles. Plattenbauvereinigung, Berlin
2014 Melting Traces, Beyond Memorialisation. Nordische Botschaft, Berlin
2012 Camouflage, Public Space Installation in Kreuzberg, Berlin
2011 Medianeras (Side Walls), Public Space Installation in Kreuzberg, Berlin


2022 Home. Akareterde, Istanbul
The Allien Everyday. Spoiler, Berlin
Affecting Memory. Berliner Künstlerbund, Berlin
Redraw Tragedy. Künstler Forum, Bonn
2021 Either/Or Those Remote days. Suning Ar Museum, Shanghai
East Africa Art Bienale. Nafasi At Space, Dar es Salam, Tanzania
2020 Possibilities on Paper. Gallery Fiebach Minninger, Köln
Enterventionale 2020. Museum Koenig, Bonn
2019 Water Event. MdbK, Leipzig
2017 PDF Project. Ex-Girlfriend Gallery, Berlin
Entre los días y las cosas. Kolumbianische Botschaft, Berlin
An Even Dust Can Burst into Flames. Gallery Volume, Berlin
2016 Ajnhajtclub. MQ21, Wien, Österreich
Die Quelle. III Glas Triennale, Berlin Glas e.V., Berlin
Mirar, intervenir y negociar el espacio público. Plataforma-FUGA, Bogotá-Colombia
2014 Beyond Memorialisation. Nordische Botschaften, Berlin


2020 EAT the Walls. Project Space, Berlin
2015 CALLE22. Interdisciplinary project with the Goethe Institute (Bogotá), Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Universidad Nacional Bogotá-Colombia.
2012 The Law of the Market. Freies Museum, Berlin
2011 Macht in Öffentliche Raum. Lectures at the DAZ (Deutsche Architektur Zentrum), Berlin


2023 Universidad El Bosque. Bogotá, Colombia (February, March)
2022 Art Link. Dunree, Ireland
Istambul Artist Residecy. Istanbul, Turkey
2020 Quarantine Residency. Istanbul Artist Residency, Istanbul-Turkey
2018 Raizvanguarda, Gois, Portugal
2016 Plattenbauvereinigung. Berlin
2016 Museums Quartier, Q21. Wien-Östereich.
2015 El Parche. Bogotá-Colombia.
2012 Home Base Lab. Berlin


2022 Bildendekunst Recherche Stipendium
2022 Sonderausschreibung zur Förderung von Kleinprojekten von Diaspora-Organisationen zum
Thema „Diaspora for Gender Equality“, GIZ
2020 Diaspora Ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit GIZ/CIM, Bogotá Museo Nacional de Colombia
2018 STEP Grant, The European Cultural Foundation
2014-2015 Goethe Institut Kolumbien, CALLE22
2015 ifa, CALLE22
2015 Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, CALLE22


2023 Finalist für das Kunst am Bau Projekt der Bundes Finanz Ministerium
2019 Shortlisted für das Kunst am Bau Projekt Schule Massdorf, Berlin
2014 Finalist ReCall competition Beyond Memorialisation. EU


2022 Workshop The Future of Creative Cities. Leibniz Universität Hannover/ Universidad del Rosario.
2022 Angelus Novus. Art Link. Buncrana
2021 Diplomado Arte y Postproducción. Universidad del Bosque, Bogotá
2020 Ciclo de Conferencias de las Artes. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
2018 Working as architect in the arts, HFBK, Hamburg
2016 Mirar, intervenir y negociar el espacio público (workshop), Plataforma-FUGA, Bogotá-Colombia.
2015 La calle. (workshop) U. de Los Andes, Facultad de Arquitectura, Bogotá-Colombia
2015 Arte y espacio público (talk). Zona C U. Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá-Colombia.
2015 CALLE22 How to Represent the Social Space? (talk), Kunstverein-Gegenwart e.V., Leipzig,
2015 Arquitecturas, Facultad de Arquitectura, los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia.
2015 Arte y espacio público (talk). Chlarlas de los Miércoles. U. de los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia.
2014 Taller de tanteo urbano (workshop). U. de los Andes, Facultad de Artes, Bogotá-Colombia.
2014 Von der Kunst im Öffentliche Raum und anderen Arten der Raum Prägung (talk). Bamberg Universität, Bamberg
2014 5 Ciudades, 5 estrategias (talk), Planetario Distrital, Bogotá-Colombia.
2013 Architecture Machines, Bamberg Universität, Bamberg


2010-2012 Master in Arts, Raum Strategien.

1993-1998 Architektur