KiöR Künstler*innen

Lacy Barry

Design, Grafik / Zeichnung, Installation / Objektkunst, Skulptur

* 14.01.1983



Artist Biography
Artist & Designer: Lacy Barry

I'm a multi-faceted artist & designer. I create vibrant sculptures reminiscent of the fluid and geometric forms and saturated colours found in the natural world.

Born in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta in the Canadian wilderness, I was always inspired by the natural and cultural wonders of my childhood home. From brightly hued Northern Lights to the colourful ceremony dress of the local First Nations Tribe, these memories have always made their way into my artwork.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t curious and enthralled by the process of creating, channeling my imaginative inner world into my art. I began my art career at the age of seven as a contemporary dancer in a company, performing across the USA and Canada. As a young adult, I was an apprentice to my sign-painter father on western film sets. This work re-woke my childhood love of drawing and painting. I later moved into costume design, fashion, set building and prop styling.

I used my background in the arts to craft my own, unique, visual language. My artwork is meticulously crafted and executed, a pairing of imaginative wonder and practical skill. I work mainly, but not exclusively, with paper and recycled cardboard. I utilise various folding, constructive and airbrush techniques to breathe life into flat materials. On occasion I also add glitter, foil, miniatures, graphics and props to enhance the narratives in my work.

In 2020 I began an illustrative & storytelling podcast entitled Secret Place Berlin. Living and working internationally, I reside in Berlin, Germany.

Artist Statement
Artist & Designer: Lacy Barry

As a forever student and admirer of the natural world, I am fascinated by the collaboration between nature and the human made structures. Exploring the point of admission where architecture and nature concede and cohabit in harmony. Deeply seeded in the natural and cultural wonders of my Canadian upbringing, I explore topics of environmental reclaim when I place my paper structures in publicly or privately accessed places and abandoned spaces. I use recycled cardboard in particular to pay homage to the natural growths that made my materials possible. Color is added to brighten the works and draw attention to their intention, mainly a rhetoric that moves towards the symbiosis of human-made structure and environment. Within my process I experiment the possibilities and boundaries of paper, cardboard and other infused materials, rigorously researching structural topics and natural poise in detail. The artwork requests encounter with spectators through its aesthetic quality but encourages meditation on the structure it is placed among, inviting a individual to question their own stance as an animal in their environment.


12/2018 - WoMA – Exhibition of paper pillar garden at the Kreuzberg, Berlin window art space
04/2017 - Kolor Meets Lacy Barry – A solo show in collaboration with a Berlin based object design showroom
07/2014 - DIEnER Magazine Launch – A collab show featuring work from the Little Wings and Exploding Floral’s Series in Berlin
08/2013 - Tomorrow God Will Make Me Good, Church of the Ascension - Collaborative Paper Installation

10/2020 - Berlin Weekly for Mind So Fast, Body So Slow; Art Friends of Lukas Troberg back gallery group show , exhibiting ‘Keep
Your Head In The Cloud; Magic Kingdom’
07/2020 - This Is An Intervention, exhibiting ‘A Living Planet Does Not Need Your Money’
06/2020 - Jail Sessions with Art Helps, exhibiting ‘Rose Conservatory’
05/2020 - present - Secret Place Berlin Podcast - personal stories about Berlin, illustrating and collaborating with musicians
05/2019- 11/2019 - Venice Design 2019 – Exhibition of ‘Pillars of Fire & Cloud’ during the Venice Art Biennale 2019
05/2016 - The Good, The Bad, The Limited – Growing Limitations Exhibition at Beirut Design Week
05/2016 - ArtLeadHer – An exhibition of female artists curated by Mashonda Tifrere with Joseph Gross Gallery in New York
03/2016 - Art on Paper – New York art fair specifically focused on showing the works of paper artists, presented by JGG
05/2015 - Flowers on Paper – Group show of artists working mediums of paper, ceramics and textiles in relation to flowers
04/2015 - ‘Doves’ – A small story film based on personal paper work, exhibited at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York
05/2014 - Process Show – Exhibited with a handful of other tactile & street artists showcasing process in their work, Soho NYC
05/2014 - Art for Tibet – Donated piece from ‘Little Wing Series 2’ for online & live auction to raise funds for Free Tibet NYC
08/2013 - Home Sweet Home Charity Exhibit, Bottleneck Gallery Brooklyn – Graphic/ Paper Artwork created & sold opening night

12/2019 - Dreamworld - Installation Art at a immersive secret location near Ostkreuz Berlin
11/2018 - Bombay Sapphire – Designed and fabricated paper pillar garden for the Stir Creativity event in U3 Tunnel
05/2018 - Director Clemens Walters – Woods of Birnam music video – designed and made paper masks
05/2018 - Peach Berlin – Mac Cosmetics lipstick launch - Designed and fabricated donut photo wall for
02/2018-09/2018 - Adobe – Logo as a fabricated candy & ice cream factory for animation
07/2017 - Coca-Cola – International beverage company requests set & props made from Coca-Cola Packaging
06/2017 - DIN – European standardisation company requests paper sculptures for their 100 anniversary event
04/2016 - Süperstore – Concept and create window installation for small design boutique in Kreuzberg, Berlin
03/2016 - Gucci – 2nd floor installation concept for the Berlin flagship store to promote Summer 2016 Gucci collection
10/2015 - Glispa – Event design & installation for new headquarters opening
10/2015 - Aïshti – Campaign project in collaboration with photographer Erik Johansson for Sagmeister & Walsh
07/2015 - LOQI – Custom created set design & shop window based on LOQI’s Museum collection
10/2014 - The Bonnie Bar – Interior design for New York gastro Irish pub
05/2014 - Clarins – 2D/ 3D paper craft set fabricated for stop motion & still life video and photography with Daniel Castro
03/2014 - CondeNast – Prop stylist and set fabricator for Glamour Magazine editorial
03/2014 - United Airlines – four 2D airbrushed & papercraft scenes created for United inflight magazine editorial and cover
01/2014 - Bloompapers Barcelona – Custom graphics to be printed on wallpaper & fabrics
06/2013 - Ghostly International for Audion – working with Matthew Dear on custom Audion costumes & set design
09/2012 - 05/ 2013 - Hololabs - art direction & set design for iPad game based on paper craft
01/2013 - Plug Research Records: Pegasus Warning Music – set & art direction for video
12/2012 - 02/2013 - Arche Shoes – retail window installation at three store locations
06/2012 – 08/ 2012 - Montreal Mode & Design Festival – six installations for inbox design
08/2011 - Montreal Mode & Design Festival – art direction & installations for Ovopur

04/2019 - Forward Festival – Live talk, installation & DIY pop-up card workshop at Blog Fabrik Berlin
04-05/2018 - The Goods Shed – A recycled book & cardboard installation created for Perth based art festival & residence
08/2014 - Regenerate 14 – Live Installation work done in Collaboration with Lab Mag LA & Generator Hostel in Copenhagen

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2012 - Applied Arts Awards Winners: Photography Unpublished
2012 - Applied Arts Award Winners: Broadcast Graphics - Single
2012 - Applied Arts Award Winners: Motion/Animation - Single
2011 -MAP Montreal Outdoor Photo showcase with Pierre Manning
2011 - LUX by Infopresse Awards with Pierre Manning
2010 - YES Montreal, Business Grant for Creative Souls

02/ 2002 – 06/ 2003 - Applied Multimedia Training Centers, Calgary AB.
~Computer graphic design, web multimedia and technology