KiöR Künstler*innen

Anne Louise Blicher

Grafik / Zeichnung, Installation / Objektkunst, Malerei

* 13.09.1979
Bildung:Postgraduate Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm, SE



”Anne Louise Blicher creates site specific works that subvert classical landscape’s ideals of patriarchy and ownership in favor feminist multitude and ecological balance. Blicher’s work seeks to change the static postcard view of a landscape by rendering nature as a sensed landscape, an ecology of dynamic parts in complex interaction with their surroundings.” (Deric Carner, curator, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NYC)

My work is rooted in a sculptural painting practice. I combine classical painting techniques with a spatial and often vertical perspective. I am interested in a vertical embodiment of space, in the way the body relates to a work when it is both a painting and an installation. I work within critical plant studies inspired by vegetal life dynamics like germination, growth, and decay together with concepts like invasive crops, foreign soil, and geographic borders as well as nature’s inherent geometric, quasi-crystalline and entropic structures. I combine classical techniques with new media using painting as a metabolic instrument outside the bodily domain by reconfiguring natural data. I work from site-specific observations, which I unfold into supposed mirrorings and rotating symmetries using synthetic renderings and transcriptions. I take inspiration from technology that reshape the notion of what constitutes our environment, of what is natural and what is coded/designed/virtual. I understand nature as virtual, not as fake but as a foundation; as a sensed ecology of inherent structures and potential connections to be activated. I am interested in the idea of the sublime as ‘care’ characterized by an ‘empathic aesthetics’. As such I use the sublime as a terraforming and topological tool to transform landscapes into embodied environments using it in its original meaning as being in-pathos (em-pathic) opposite a romantic sublime related to an almighty understanding of nature.


A.L. Blicher is a graduate in classical painting from Florence Academy of Art (2011) and holds a postgraduate-degree in Fine Arts specialized in printmaking from The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (2015).
Her exhibition record includes public art commissions for Varde Garten (DK), Sønderborg Kommune (DK) and Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm (SE) ongoing - as well as exhibitions at SixtyEight Art Institute/Sharp Projects (DK) (solo), Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (DK), The Danish Printmakers House (DK) (solo), Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin (DE), Lofoten International Art Festival (NO), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (NY), Ahrenshoop Art Museum, Ahrenshoop (DE) Fanø Art Museum (DK) (solo), Johannes Larsen Museum (DK), Grafiska Sällskapet (SE), Litografiska Akademin (SE), Mark Rothko Art Centre (LV).
She has been an artist-in-residence worldwide including The Danish Institute in Athens and in Rome, Women’s Studio Workshop (US), Atelier Circulaire (CA), and Künstlerhaus Lucas (DE).