Media workshop: 2G+ for teams

Medienwerkstatt Corona Wiedereröffnung

For teams with more than two persons we follow the 2G + covid guidelines (only vaccinated, recovered plus a negativ test) in all spaces of the media workshop. The same rule applies for introductions and coaching, whenever a distance of 1,5 m could not be complied.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 1pm - 8pm
  • Tuesday-Friday: 10am - 5pm
  • Working outside our opening times is not possible at the moment.
  • Entrance via Printing workshop

All general corona rules still apply: mouth and nose protection, keeping distance and washing hands, ventilation every hour while leaving the spaces.

  • Maximum 4 person at once in the greenbox studio
  • 2G+ (only vaccinated, recovered plus a negativ antigentest) for teams with more than 2 persons
  • 2G+ (only vaccinated, recovered plus a negativ antigentest) for introductions and coaching, where a distance of 1,5 m could not be complied
  • You can also bring Self-tests with you which need to be executed in our presence on site. Please manage the efficient execution of the tests in your team.
  • Please stay at home, when you feel sick.

Actual conditions for the work in the print- and media workshop of the kulturwerk des bbk berlin

  • Everybody who is working in our rooms must wear a mouth and nose protection mask when he/she moves through the spaces. The mask can be taken off at the workplace.
  • The 3 G rule applies (vaccinated/recovered/tested)
  • Any person with respiratory problems or fever must leave the media workshop or better stay at home.
  • working stations must have approximately 1,5 till 2 meter distance to each other. The consequence is that less people can work in our rooms.
  • Everybody who does not accept these rules has to leave the media workshop.