Media workshop 

Greenscreen studio

Background: Green and black (white in the Media Lab)

greenbox set melhus


Light equipment - dimmable light on the ceiling:

  • 4 square Kinoflo lights (daylight)
  • 2 large Kinoflo floodlights (daylight)
  • 2 classic Spots Dedolight (artificial light)
  • 1 LED Spot Bi-Color Dedolight

These lamps are movable on rails and can be individually set within limits.

Mobile Lamps on the floor:

  • 3 classic Dedo Spots (artificial light)
  • 1 small Kinoflo flat light (daylight, dimmable)
  • 2 TECPRO LITEFLEX Bi-Color LED-Panels
  • 1 SWIT Bi-Color SL-100P (flexible LED panel)
  • 5 small Bi-Color LED flat lights
  • 1 ring light (daylight)
  • 2 Studioblitze: Bowens GM 500

The recording range has an area of ​​approx. 25 sqm (almost square), the green screen is about 3.5 m high and 4 m wide.

Also available are:

  • 1 Camcorder Panasonic AG-DVX200
  • 2 Camcorder: Sony PMW-EX3 and PXW-X200
  • 1 hard disk recorder (Atomos)
  • 2 Canon SLR cameras: 600D and 700D
  • 1 Sony Z1 HDV camcorder
  • Camera and light stands, one slider rail (1m), background frames, grip
  • Further equipment can be used on demand, if available (eg for audio recording or playback devices).

If you are not familiar with the use of the cameras or other recording devices, you can make appointments for introductions, which are calculated hourly like software introductions.

The users work after a small introduction into self-government - it is easy - One should generally be a couple and schedule about 2 hours +/- to set up.

Not permitted: The use of glitter and small reflective particles, smoke machines and smoke-like effects.

Black or white backgrounds must be prepared - so please specify when making your booking request.  The white screen is available in the Media Labor.


  • 50 € costs the day (up to 4 hours is half a day = 30, - €), 200 € the week.
  • The equipment is included in the price. Individual prices are negotiated for specific projects.
  • A deposit of 50, - € will be charged at the time of handing over the room.
  • No weekend bookings


Andrea Huyoff
Ilka Forst, Manfred Miersch, Jo Zahn (Team)
tel 030 551472-84