Media workshop 

Computer workstations

Differently equipped workstations

Medienwerkstatt Arbeitsplätze

12 differently equipped computer workstations available.

Hardware / Software

Large workstations  iMac Pro(2017), 3.2GHz Intel Xenon W, 32GB Ram, Mac Os Big Sur (one of them in a separate room)

  • #5/6: Video / Image Editing / Animation
    Software: FCPX, Logic, Adobe CC, Da Vinci Resolve Studio and others, audio interface + speakers (Genelec), 4 K monitor

Small workplaces

  • new Mac systems: iMac 27"(late 2015) Mac Os 10.12 to Big Sur, #7 / #8 / #9: Video / Image Editing / 3D/2D Animation Software:, Final cut Pro X, Logic, Adobe CC + DCP, Da Vinci Resolve light, Isadora, Mad Mapper, Dragonframe and others
  • Old Mac systems: Mac Pro (3.1) Mac Os 10.8 #2 / #3 / #4: Video / Image Editing, Digitization (Video Cards: AJA Kona LH / BlackMagic Intensity), 3D/2D Animation, DVD/Bluray/DCP Software: Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe CS5/6, Cinema 4D 12 and others
  • #10 - 12/ #15: Windows 10, differently equipped: video / image processing, 2D / 3D animation, VR
    Hardware: Intel i7, Nvidia GeForce GTX, AJA Kona LHi, Decklink Studio 4K
    Software: Adobe CC + DCP, Da Vinci Resolve light, Agis Meta Shape, Cinema4D Studio 18, Brekel, Blender, and more.

1 OpenSource Computer (Ubuntu 16)

  • #13: Image / video processing, 3D animation, and more.
    Hardware: Intel i5, 15 GB Ram
    Software: Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Div. Audio and video editing software, and more


  • Analogue formats: SVHS, Hi8, UMatic Lowband PAL and NTSC, Beta SP Pal, DAT, in addition: 2 old Steenbeck cutting tables (16mm, 35mm)
  • other: Video/Audiointerfaces, VR, prof. Webcam, Monitors, video projectors u.a.

We provide accompanying assistance and troubleshooting during the realisation of a project. Continuous assistance, however, is only possible by prior arrangement. Short introductions to programs and the execution of commissioned work must be booked separately.

Prices: see price list

Lioba von den Driesch
Ilka Forst, Manfred Miersch, Jo Zahn (Team)
tel 030 551472-84