Sabina Maria van der Linden

Wand Design


Innenarchitektonischer Entwurf, DinA4, Kugelschreiber und Filzstift auf Papier

Hey, where you at? I'm over here. Oh. What? I dunno. Hey! Whats up? Wait...let me call you back. Why? Huh? Can you hear me? Guess what? I dunno what! I guess I gotta do a little ... uhmmm.... You know..... The whole thing's left me so verklempt that I must go out for a very unhealthy, fattening, expensive lunch. I'm gonna have a stress meltdown. Like OMG can you believe it? It's, like, so, like, stupid, like, really, like, stupid! Like, yeah, lets like go to the mall. Totally cool idea! Not to buy anything, just to be there. Let's go now and hit all the stores and pick up an easy slut who has a fake tan and wears her sunglasses indoors. I'm so mall branded, look at my excessively tight trendy Krew jeans. I wear that every day and have all over print sweat shirts and pierced ears with the diamond earrings. Can I have some cash?