Aurelie Pertusot



Trou blanc 2009, installation interactive, cube 3 x 3 x 3 m,
pen-and-ink drawing on wall, frontal lamps.

Remake of the «white cube museum «, this installation is primary and modern at
the same time. The use of the frontal lamp reminds us of the exploration of caves
and the discovery of prehistoric drawings, whereas the cubic volume of the
installation, uncluttered, white, is almost abstract. Trou Blanc traps the spectator,
whom, provided with a frontal lamp, penetrates the dark space in the white
walls. According to his head movements, he causes to appear and to disappear
organic drawings which seem to proliferate everywhere. He cannot have a global
vision. He is invited to cross the line, to have a sensitive, frontal and direct
approach to it. Immersed in the twilight of an internal space without angles, he
is destabilized and loses his bearings. Drawings, between abstraction and representation
are as a kind of dream, of mental projection. The interactive character
of the installation gives a temporality to the drawing which, associated with
the light, approaches something virtual. Generally, the images which surround us
make us passive and hypnotize us. The interactivity, bringing a kind of movement
to the drawing, is a way of apprehending it and of appropriating it by soliciting
the whole body with simple gestures.