Monika Jarecka




description: installation in public space, printed silk fabric and Voile de Ville
dimensions: 120 x 190 cm

In the newly designed work scaintings for DIE BALKONE 2, the uniqueness of a manual gesture and its repeatability as soon as the material is digitized are used. Currently there are limited opportunities to experience art. But only through art we can reflect reality. An outdoor exhibition enables to experience art.

For this new series, gestures are painted after a given instruction. The panels emerge from the archive of daily painted notations. They serve as material for the digital paintings composed on the computer. Then the paintings are scanned and finally the new compositions are printed on a fabric of silk and voile. Those „scainitings“ are presented on two flags on the outside of a balcony in Raabestr. 14, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. After the exhibition, the silk fabrics are given away to be worn as a scarf.

The notations are based on the following instruction:

One color per day should be applied onto the panel. The colors are noted on the back side.