Aurelie Pertusot

Presque rien


Presque Rien 2009, installation Insitu 10 x 6 m, Village of 6
houses colored tense sons, posts steel

It is a question of drawing in space with a thread by having the desire to release
the drawing from the sheet. The use of the thread allows me not to dematerialize
a shape, as the American sculptor Fred Sandback could, but to realize the
drawing, embody a kind of virtuality, and be in the energy and the purity of the
This coloured village is a drawing in three dimensions which suggests small architectural
spaces. It is held with two wefts of black wire grids, superimposed.
Huts stretch, and hang on this weft and constitute a vectoriel drawing realized in
space. This experiment ensues from my preoccupation on space: to where can
we go to the subtraction of a drawing to suggest another mental space? I try to
suggest the space with the minimum of lines. Two tense threads vertically give the
sensation of getting through something, to return or to go out, and to be able to
touch and feel invisible walls. We can also wonder if the space is a thing invented
by Man to find his way.