Aurelie Pertusot



Déclinaisons 2009, 5 interactive artist’s book, 18 x 15 cm
original drawings in the feather, printing on paper, invisible
ink, uv light, bank of metal.

«A bench. Another bench. The same for a third time, etc. The second exercise
book, a vase. The second, the third, the sixth, seventh. All perfectly identical.
What is it to be said? An enigma? Abstract art pushed into one of its profound
destitutions? A question mark, in any case. At least as long as we do not switch
on the ultraviolet light. Then, on the bench, from a fine, bright line, appears a
bird. On the bench following, exposed to the cold of the black light, makes languid
a jacket. And the corpse of a bottle. Under this other one, a flowerbed of
crumbs which attracts a thick cloud of starved birds. And in this vase, a bouquet,
or a faded flower. From page to page, the simple and naked black forms, of a
rectangle, a vase, a bench or a bed, show themselves inhabited, by an ink invisible
to the naked eye. A funny game of hide-and-seek, doubtless; fascinating,
obviously. And above all very eloquent. In this bench, we imagine stories. That
of a tramp going to look for a bridge somewhere else. That of an old lady who
beguiles the solitude by feeding sparrows. That of a trader who forgot his economic
newspaper there to rush to other high-risk bets. In your good heart ladies and
gentlemen! All the stories are welcome in her art. Aurélie Pertusot is of those who
do not want to reveal everything, to deliver everything «prémâché». (…) Aurélie
has made of this secret ink the material to a simple path, highly effective, which
stands almost in the edge of a ray of light which has revealed. (...) A facility that
gives the observer its own share of action. « (...) An installation which gives to the
observer his own share of the action. «