Jeroen Jacobs

Blue Monday


Wohn- und Pflegeheim de Blaauwe Hoeve Curamus, Hulst, Niederlande. In Zusammenarbeit mit SKOR (Stichtung Kunst en Openbare Ruimte/Stiftung Kunst und Öffentlicher Raum) Amsterdam

Blue Monday, schwarzeingefärbter Beton, 180 x 175 x 175 cm

Blue Monday, schwarzeingefärbter Beton, 125 x 250 x 175 cm

They look as though they had been accidentally deposited on the square. ‘They’ are the objects designed by Jeroen Jacobs for De Blaauwe Hoeve in Hulst, Zeeland. But as soon as you are in the midst of the concrete sculptures, with the climbing bar and the raised, grass-covered triangular structure, it is clear that any semblance of nonchalance is alien to this work. Together, the different elements form a rhythmical constellation in which the space, the architecture and visitors to the square are all involved. Placed amongst assisted living residences, a nursing home and care centre run by the Curamus Foundation, the objects generate a dynamic that apparently cannot do without the separate physical forms of the objects. We pedestrians are carried along with concrete that moves.i

The perfectly balanced interplay between the previously existing ingredients in Hulst and Jeroen Jacobs’ concrete interventions in the situation is a result of the artist's ideas about space. He defines space in terms of ‘in-between’ spaces. Like the pauses that are so essential to a sentence, in-between spaces are a factor in the public domain that cannot be erased or imagined away. They seem ephemeral and do not attract attention, but in fact, they connect the infrastructure and the architecture, the bridges and the roads, the flat buildings, tower blocks and single-family homes.