Fantastique Plastique



The AEROPOLIS project has been realised on the occasion of the Metropolis Festival 2013. The temporary environment offers a communication platform to experience a sequence of 13 urban activities with changing scenographies all curated together with local cultural institutions: astronomy between two climbing walls in Nørrebro, kindergarten and hip hop in front of a supermarket in Valby, meditation and yoga by a lake in Vanløse, performances at Islands Brygge, martial arts at Superkilen, lectures in Amager, silent disco at one of the noisiest intersections in the city in Nordvest etc.
The architecture of the 100 sqm single-layer pneumatic structure has been designed with 2 optional „tops“ to allow maximal mobility and flexibility during its tour through 13 different locations in Copenhagen. Furthermore the installation always changes its shape into endless constellations by squeezing through the existing urban or natural environment – thus enhancing the perception of those peculiar public spaces by focussing them. The AEROPOLIS community centre breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible.