KiöR Künstler*innen

Sadra Wejdani

Design, Installation / Objektkunst, Keramik, Konzeptkunst, Skulptur

* 1982



Lives and works in berlin since 2021. Preparing projects to be appeared in the public spaces and semi-public spaces alongside developing and experimenting with earthen/soil oriented objects/artworks.
Currently highly interested to collaborate/cooporate with individuals (artists, microbiologist, urbanists, ruralists, soil-scientists, geologist, anthropologists) and relevant collectives, intitiatives, residencies, associations and foundations.


Sadra Wejdani, 1982, Iran.
currently based in Berlin.


_2023 Berlin | Video installation in “Spectacle on the highway” | an event organised by SuppeundMucke at ://about blank.
_2022 Berlin | Window display show at CK [in Neukölln] | Solo ceramic works show [Global Warmer].
_2022 Berlin | Art in Public Space | Park(ing) Day | Installation on parking space at Berliner Allee, Weißensee.
_2022 Berlin | KuBiZ [Kultur-und Bildungszentrum] | Summer Art Festival | Species next Door.
_2022 Wageningen, NL | Artist residency at Maakfabriek | Solo show at Desuperette [Cultulere hotspot & Maakplaats].
_2022 Berlin | KuBiZ [Kultur-und Bildungszentrum] | Group exhibition.
_2021 Berlin | AUCH Nachbarschaft ist Kunst Festival #3 | Organicaly Digital.
_2021 Zürich | OnCurating | Group exhibition | “Society of Nature” curated by Arianna Guidi.
_2021 Tehran | The 8th sculpture Biennale.
_2019 Tehran | Niavaran Cultural Center | Objet (3) design exhibition.
_2019 Chabahar, Iran | Environmental art festival.
_2018 Dehli, Khoj I Group exhibition I “ilaj” curated by Yasaman Tamizkar.
_2018 Tehran, Hepta gallery | Group exhibition | “Khayyami [An exhibition to commemorate Khayyam’s universe]”
_2018 Karasht, Iran | Artist in Residence at BonGah [artist-run platform and independent publisher].
_2017 Tehran, Fereshteh Art gallery | Solo exhibition | “...Became pottery” Installation of ceramic works.
_2014 Nijmegen, Netherlands | Artist in residence at Dekaaij festival.
_2014 Master graduates Exhibition at LUCA, Brussels, Belgium.
_2013 Enschede, Netherlands | Bridges [mathematics, technology, music, art, architecture & culture].
_2012 nschede, Netherlands | Bachelor graduate Exhibition at ArtEZ.
_2007 Tehran, Iran | the 9th Graphic design Biennale.
_2006 Tehran, Iran | the 10th Photography Biannale.
_2004 Majdanek, Poland | the 7th International Art Triennial.


_2022 Research grant (Recherchestipendium) for visual arts | Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


_2013 - 2014 Master of Visual Arts in “Communication Design (social design)” LUCA School of arts & design, Brussels, Belgium.
_2010 - 2012 Bachelor of Design in “Art & Cross media Design” ArtEZ Academy of arts & design, Enschede, Netherlands.

Social Activities

One of the founders of “Bazcharkh” an urban cycling NGO in Tehran.
[Bazcharkh is dealing with human scale urbanism and transportation especially biking]