KiöR Künstler*innen

Claudia Okonek

Design, Fotografie, Installation / Objektkunst, Land Art, Medienkunst



Kunst in der Architektur und in der Landschaft bedeutet das Berücksichtigen und Unterstützen der natürlich gewachsenen Umgebung, mit ihren Notwendigkeiten und langfristigen Bedingungen, das Schaffen von Aufmerksamkeit, ein Sensibilisieren und Erfinden.
Ob im Kontrast oder im Konsens, es bedeutet ein Zusammengehen mit der vorhandenen oder geplanten Architektur und dem Menschen.
Orte schaffen, die lebenswert sind.


Claudia Okonek
is an artist working internationally and living in Berlin. .
She has always viewed her work from an interdisciplinary perspective.
As a result of years of exploring the relationship between space, human perception, colour, and light, in several media,
she can freely express the profound ways in which our senses shape reality.
The artist began her career studying painting and sculpture, which, along with a love of jazz and jazz-dance, formed her artistry's backbone.
As she progressed further on her professional path, her appreciation for space in interaction with its inhabitants became part of every creation.

Whether working in photography, architectural projects, or landscape architecture Claudia Okonek’s art touches the essence behind the visible.

Claudia Okonek has always been steadfast in pursuing her own artistic vision. Ever the interdisciplinary artist, her work manifests her exploration.
For her, her work is a crucial means of helping viewer feel the space and environment where they spend their daily lives -,
a way of breakup routines in thinking and action, sometimes through showing the abstract concepts behind.
In any case, it is her goal to create a space worth living in it.

The artist understands her creations as to benefit society at large.
In 2016, she turned her long-time passion for nature, environmental processes and interaction into a profession
by studying Landscape Architecture and Urban Design as a Guest Student at “Technische Universität Berlin”.

Thanks to her free artistry thinking she is able to connect her creative knowledge with environmental functionality and needs.
Sustainability, climate change, and circular thinking become a focus point besides her pure artwork.
Whatever medium she chooses, from her earliest to her most recent work, has expressed her professional individuality in every creation.

Her conceptual studio works in collaboration with noted companies, publishing houses, agencies and architects.
Her work is represented in art collections.
Studies and work abroad in Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Paris, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Wales, Edinburgh,
France, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Japan, India.